Friday, May 1, 2009

And in the Beginning - There Were the Lefties

No, I'm not talking about liberals, I'm talking about actually being left-handed. There are some distinct advantages and disadvantages to being left-handed. After all, take a look around, we are living in a right-handed world.

Of course, if you are right-handed, it probably never occured to you that some of us have some difficulties with things that are clearly made for the majority - the right-handed of you. And that being so, if you are right-handed, you probably won't be following this blog, which is okay because you may have only come here because you were fooled into thinking this was something to do with politics.

In truth, it is politics - the politics of living in a world that discriminates against the left-handed person. However, despite such discrimination, there is humor in all of it and hopefully that can be explored as well.

Welcome to the left-hander's world.


  1. Hi, Jayme!

    Thanks, for the yuks!

    However, I'm right-handed, & I'd like to make this an opportunity to look at things differently.

    All my life, I've looked into other people's circumstances with interest. After all, I love to write--and not all about myself. In the same way, those who act on stage and screen, love to try-on other lives. This may be what we're all really doing in this reality.

    So, consider that right-handed people aren't tricked into enjoying your blog. They're intrigued by other perspectives and come here because their curiousity attracts them, here. As you know, that is called The Law Of Attraction.

    It's funny. Because I've looked into women's issues, for example and sign my art G. Saintiny, a lot of my junk mail is made out to MRS G SAINTINY! Hahaha! Is everyone really that into themselves?

    Well, I know it's all in good fun, Jayme.

    &, I sure like your tone. Just remember, more people are pulling for you than you may suspect. ;O)

    Sunshine & Blessings,

  2. As a left-handed writer, I am fortunate that I've always tried to do things on both sides and I feel that your leftist postings will bring more balance to this world :)